Key Factors To Consider Before Hiring An HVAC Contractor

Hiring a qualified HVAC contractor to work on your project can be a tough decision to make. When selecting a company for your school or business, you should keep in mind the following key factors. If a contractor you have found has some of the issues listed below, than you are better off moving on and finding another contractor.

Licenses And Experiences

Most states require HVAC contractors to have a license. Some may also require insurance and bonding to protect their workers and you, the client. Business and school projects are often large scale and you are much better of if the HVAC company is licensed by the state, is insured and bonded. This will protect you from any liabilities if injuries or damages occur on or to your property. If a contractor lacks license and insurance, you should avoid them and find a contractor who is licensed and insured.

The same rule should apply to experience. If a contractor does not have any experience in completing projects in schools of office buildings, it is best to forego taking a risk on a small contractor. Instead hire an HVAC company that has a track record of servicing schools and offices.

Billing And Costs

A good air conditioning repair Houston company will offer you a concrete price as well as a realistic estimate on how long the project should take to complete. If a contractor is not being transparent and giving you a concrete figure on the costs, this is a sign that they may be overcharging you or will insert hidden fees and charges into a contract. Read the fine print in a contract and ask for actual numbers on the expenses. If a price is too good to believe, it probably is and you should look to another contractor.